Fukumoto Fuku



1999  M.F.A. Kyoto City University of Arts

1997     B.F.A.  Kyoto City University of Arts

1973  Born in Kyoto City

Awards and Competitions :

2012  The Kyoto Prefecture Culture Prize - Incentive Prize

2008  Kyoto City Artistic New Comer Award

2003     Award the Shinjin Prize (Most Promising Young Talent) in Fine Art Division of the
             Gotoh Commemorative Culture Award

             International Ceramics Competition Mino, Gifu

2001  Grand Prize, Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition, Osaka, Tokyo  

             Kyoto Prefecture Art and Craft Invitational Competition ('02 Grand Prize)

Selected Solo Exhibitions :

2012  Gion Konishi Gallery, Kyoto (’03)

2011  Sfera, Kyoto 

             Galerie Pierre Marie Giraud, Brussels 

2010  Gallery Tazawa, Kyoto

2009  Gallery Utsuwakan, Kyoto

2007  INAX Gallery 2, Tokyo 

2003  INAX Tile Museum, Aichi

2002  Art Gallery, The Hankyu Department, Osaka

2000  Art and Craft Salon, The Takashimaya Store, Kyoto

Selected Group exhibitions :

2013     "The Eight Winds", Joan B. Mirviss Ltd, New York

2012     “
BINOYOKAN 2012 New Generation”, 
              The Takashimaya Store : Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Yokohama, Shinjyuku

              “Feel Ceramics”, Higashihiroshima City Museum of Art

2011     “Asian Artist Exchange”, touring exhibition: @KCUA, Kyoto, Kyungsung University, 
             Busan (South Korea), Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata (India - 2012)

2010     “About the Tea Ceremony — A Viewpoint on Contemporary Kôgei  (Studio Crafts)”, 
              Crafts gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo 

              “Ceramic Art Grand Prize Exhibition”, Paramita Museum, Mie 

              “Kyoto KOGEI BIENNALE” guest exhibitor, The Museum of Kyoto

              “Ao”, Joan B. Mirviss Ltd, New York

2009     “Variations of White”, Galerie Pierre Marie Giraud, Belgium 

              “Women ceramic artists who bear the 21st century”, Paramita Museum, Mie

     “Breaking from Tradition - Japanese Ceramics Today”, Harvey / Meadows Gallery, Aspen (USA)

2007     “Breaking the Mold / Kata O Yaburu”, Joan B. Mirviss Ltd, New York

              “Soaring Voices - Contemporary Japanese Women Ceramic Artists”, 
              The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shiga - (traveling exhibition to Japan, France and the USA)

Selected Public Collections :

The Harn Museum of Art, Florida

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

INAX Tile Museum, Aichi 

Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, Kansas

The Museum of Kyoto

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